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WASSA Institutional Support Program

Purpose. The WASSA Institution Support Program is designed to provide financial support for WASSA members who wish to have another WASSA representative visit their institution with the goal of providing information about summer session administrative matters. The Institution Support Program provides assistance to summer session administrators and/or their supervisors and staff who want to learn more about program design, implementation and management; budget and finance; marketing; staffing related issues; research; institutional review of summer session operations; and other matters pertinent to summer session administration.

Eligibility. All WASSA member institutions in good standing are eligible for this program. Participation in the program is open to WASSA member institutional representatives, other summer session staff members or administrative officials who wish to consult about summer session administrative issues.

Application. Eligible members should complete the WASSA Institution Support Program application and submit it to the chair of the WASSA Professional Standards Committee (fax, email attachment, or USPS) to be received no later than:

 - Nov 1: for travel planned December 1 - May 31, or

 - May 1: for travel planned June 1 - August 31 

The WASSA Resolutions & Professional Standards Committee will review all WASSA Institution Support Program applications and the chair or his/her designee will forward recommendations to the WASSA Executive Committee for approval.

Program details. This program will permit an experienced member of WASSA to visit a requesting institution as a consultant or outside reviewer. The consultation visit is limited to two-days (2) and must be compatible with the availability of the WASSA consultant. The on-site consultation must occur within the travel period associated with the application deadline.

Within thirty-days (30) following the conclusion of the on-site consultation, the WASSA institutional representative requesting the consultation must complete the WASSA Institution Support Program award report and submit it to the chair of the WASSA Resolutions & Professional Standards Committee. The consultant and a host institution representative will co-present a session about their experience at the next annual WASSA conference. Should they be unable to attend the following conference in-person, arrangements will be made for a remote presentation at the conference, webinar, or some other presentation method.

At the discretion of the WASSA Executive Committee, and depending on the quality and potential impact of the proposed internship described in the application, along with the availability of funds, a combination of no more than four (4) awards will be given in any single calendar year for both the WASSA Institution Support Program and the WASSA Internship Program. The intention is the allocation of one award in each program for each application deadline.  However, if, at a given deadline, no applications are received for the other program, then two (2) awards may be given for only one program.

For each approved application, (max. $500) will be awarded to pay for the on-site consultation requested. The award can only be used to defray costs of transportation and lodging only for the WASSA consultant.  The WASSA Institution Support Program award does not cover other expenses, such as supplies, food, or salaries/benefits, associated with the on-site consultation.

Award funds for the WASSA Institution Support Program are distributed after the following steps are completed:

 - appropriate receipts have been received by the WASSA Treasurer within thirty-days (30) after the completion of the consultation, documenting travel and lodging expenses associated with the consultation

The institution requesting the consultation is expected to pay an honorarium to the consultant at the rate of $125/day onsite, as well as cover any additional travel or per diem costs incurred by the consultant that exceed the WASSA Institution Support Program award.

A detailed budget should be submitted with the application, clearly indicating the amount the institution is going to pay and the amount being requested of WASSA.

If the institution wishes to pay its share to WASSA directly rather than to the consultant, the institutional funds should be paid by check made out to WASSA and sent to the WASSA treasurer within thirty-days (30) after the completion of the consultation.

Submit documents as noted to:

 - WASSA Treasurer

 - WASSA Resolutions & Professional Standards Committee Chair 

Download Institution Support Program application [word document].

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