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Past President

The duties of the Past President are to:
  1. assist the President in promoting the work of the organization;
  2. assist the President-Elect and the Executive Committee in planning the program for the annual meeting; and
  3. work with the Chair of the Resolutions & Professional Standards Committee to introduce new legislation important for the operations of the Association and suggest changes, when needed, in the WASSA Constitution and its By-Laws.
Tasks of the Past President.

Instructions on how to perform the various tasks of the Past President.
Tips from other past presidents (what they wish they had known in advance).

To be added as they become available.

Past Presidents

Begin End Name Institution
2016 2017 Tom Radmilovich
University of California, Irvine
2015 2016 Alan Hunley University of Hawai'i at Manoa
2014 2015 Maurine "Reni" Powell Oregon State University
2013 2014 Kim Parks University of San Diego
2012 2013 Harriet Abe University of Hawai'i at Manoa
2011 2012 Kerri Garcia University of Nevada, Reno
2010 2011 Michelle Bartlett
(for Dana Dudley)

Pepperdine University
2009 2010 Michelle Bartlett University of Alaska, Fairbanks
2008 2009 Martin Barry Oregon State University
2007 2008 Claire Cross Southern Oregon University
2006 2007 Patricia Suske University of Nevada, Las Vegas
2005 2006 Beth Acree University of Arizona, Tucson
2004 2005 Linda Schoepflin Washington State University
2003 2004 Loy Lytle University of California, Santa Barbara
2001 2002 Carol Switzer Arizona State University
2000 2001 C. David Nyman Southern Utah University
1999 2000 Paul Aizley University of Nevada, Las Vegas
1998 1999 Maggie Herrington Portland State University
1997 1998 Michele Price Western Oregon State College
1996 1997 Debra Barger California State University, Chico
1995 1996 Paul Bradley San Jose State University
1994 1995 Jody Fisher Loyola Marymount University
1993 1994 Dan Wick University of California, Davis
1992 1993 Lee E. Golden University of Portland
1991 1992 Karen Skinner Idaho State University
1990 1991 Dori Beeks-Gibbs Western Oregon State College
1989 1990 Larry Cobb San Diego State University
1988 1989 Lloyd Carswell University of Alberta
1987 1988 Jill Warn University of California, San Diego
1986 1987 William McDougall Washington State University
1985 1986 Jack Mauch Idaho State University
1984 1985 Gary Penders University of California, Los Angeles
1983 1984 William Boub University of Colorado, Denver
1982 1983 James Carefoot University of Regina
1981 1982 Charles M. White
Portland State University
1980 1981 Norman Watt University of British Columbia
1979 1980 Jim R. Briscoe California State University, Los Angeles
1978 1979 Ray Endres California State University, Sacramento
1977 1978 Richard Moe Pacific Lutheran University
1976 1977 Paul Kaus University of Idaho
1975 1976 Fred Terentulk University of Calgary
1974 1975 Ralph C. Bohn San Jose State University
1973 1974 Denis Kigin Arizona State University
1972 1973 Richard T. Dankworth University of Nevada, Reno
1971 1972 Dean A. Peterson Brigham Young University
1970 1971 Clayton Gjerde San Diego State College
1969 1970 Ellvert H. Himes Utah State University
1968 1969 Shunzo Sakamaki University of Hawai'i
1967 1968 John R. Little University of Colorado

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