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The duties of the President are to:
  1. preside at the annual meeting;
  2. serve as liaison to similar organizations;
  3. assume the initiative in solving problems which may arise during the time between annual meetings;
  4. appoint persons to serve on each of the standing committees, with the terms staggered so that  approximately one third of the committee members' terms expire each year;
  5. appoint officers and directors to fill vacancies which may occur between annual meetings; 
  6. appoint standing and ad-hoc committees, with the assistance of the Executive Committee, to carry out the purpose and functions of the organization;and
  7. call for nominations from the membership for the Distinguished Service Award candidates six weeks in advance of the annual meeting. After receiving nominations, the President, in consultation with the Executive Committee, will decide on recipient[s] of the award. The President will present the award to the recipient, or the recipient's representative, at the annual meeting. While occasionally more than one person receives the award in a given year, they may be years when no individual is recognized.
Tasks of the President.
Instructions on how to perform the various tasks of the President.
Tips from prior presidents (what they wish they had known in advance).

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