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WASSA traces its origins to 1946, when a small group of summer session administrators met in Gunnison, Colorado, and formed the Rocky Mountain Association of Deans and Directors of Summer Schools.

Over the next decade, institutions from outside the Rocky Mountain area were invited to participate in the association's annual meeting. By 1963, the organization changed its name to the Western Association of Deans and Directors of Summer Schools, and by 1967, when its constitution and bylaws were ratified, the organization had changed to its current name, the Western Association of Summer Session Administrators, or WASSA.

Purpose and Activities

WASSA's purpose is to exchange information about summer session programs and administrative practices, with the annual meeting being the principal forum for the exchange of ideas and information. A supportive, collegial network of WASSA members enhances the value of membership.

Members consider the annual meetings — with its lively discussions of practices, procedures, experiences, innovations, predictions, proposals, plans, and presentations — to be essential for institutional development and professional growth.

The annual meeting program is designed to address current issues in summer session administration. The program usually includes a workshop for new administrators; an exemplary programs workshop, highlighting programs nominated for awards in credit, non-credit, and administrative categories; and a catalog workshop designed to improve the quality of summer bulletins.

WASSA is active year-round through its Executive Committee and standing committees, which meet as needed.

The association produces a newsletter to inform members of changes in personnel, professional development activities, research findings, annual meeting details, and other pertinent news.

The WASSA Web site contains resources for its members, including a membership directory, listserv, and statistical information.


Membership in WASSA is open to non-profit, accredited two- and four-year colleges and universities located in the western United States, western Canada, and Mexico. Institutions in other areas that would like to be affiliated with WASSA may be approved for associate membership by the Executive Committee.

Individuals who have a professional interest in WASSA, but no current institutional affiliation or are located outside the geographical area listed in Article I, Section 1 of the WASSA By-Laws may apply as an individual member.

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