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71st Annual WASSA Conference

Sept 25 - 28, 2017

"Everything's Golden With Summer Session"


The Golden Hotel in Golden, CO


Co-hosted by:

University of Colorado, Boulder

This 4-day event will be packed full of great sessions and opportunities to share, support and network with other WASSArians from the U.S. and Canada in Summer Sessions, Inter-sessions, Special Sessions, Study Abroad, Extended Education and more.

Additionally, WASSA presents annual awards in the categories of marketing, print media, programs and websites based on submissions from its' members. Guidelines for 2017 award submissions are below.


 Marketing Awards

 Print Media Awards

Program Awards

Website Awards

And our special award category...


Don't miss this excellent opportunity with amazing professionals and experts who are willing to share ideas to help improve your specialized areas of focus at each of your institutions! We're sure you'll be impressed with wealth of implementable information you will take away from it and the exceptional resources you'll gain for a lifetime as a result of the awesome network of folks involved.


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