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Programs Committee

Responsibilities: The responsibilities of the Programs Committee are to encourage WASSA members to share "best practices" program information at the annual meeting; and the solicitation, evaluation, and annual meeting award recognition of these program plans and materials.

Chair: The chair of the Programs Committee will be selected from its membership and appointed by the President, after consulting with the Executive Committee.

Membership: Members of the Programs Committee will be appointed by the President. There will be six members serving three-year terms, with the terms of two members expiring each year.
Annual "Best" and "Switzer" Programs Awards (categories include):
 - Best Credit Program
 - Best Non-Credit Program
 - Best Administrative Program
 - "Switzer Award" for 'Best Use of a Stolen Idea'
The "Switzer Award" is presented in honor of Carol Switzer,
For a current listing of Programs Committee members, please see the Current Members page.

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