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Marketing Committee

Responsibilities: The responsibilities of the Marketing Committee are the solicitation, evaluation, and annual meeting award recognition of WASSA member marketing plans and principal and collateral marketing pieces.

Chair: The chair of the Marketing Committee will be selected from its membership and appointed by the President, after consulting with the Executive Committee.

Membership: Members of the Marketing Committee will be appointed by the President. There will be six members serving three-year terms, with the terms of two members expiring each year.

Annual "Gary" Marketing Awards (categories include):

 - Single "Best Marketing Idea"

 - Best comprehensive marketing effort created and executed by the Summer Session office

 - Best comprehensive marketing effort that includes Summer Session in the marketing plan of the institution or as a part of another campus unit
These awards are presented in honor of Gary Penders, University of California, Los Angeles, and WASSA President-1985.Gary had an immense background in marketing which he shared freely with his WASSA colleagues throughout the years. In 1990, he presided over the annual New Administrators Workshop during the conference that included a presentation of exemplary programs of 1990 and a catalog workshop with information for strengthening the main marketing tool of Summer Sessions.

For a current listing of Marketing Committee members, please see the Current Members page.

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